How Tattoos Reflect Your Personality

Tattoos are a great way for an individual to express their personality, decisions, choices, their past experiences, and their presence as well. The list of the things you can define through tattoos via tattoo shops is endless. Tattoos are meant to carry a very special meaning – a deep insight into an individual’s life. Not only tattoos make your body look beautiful but they also become a very permanent mark on your life. People define their experiences, nature, and personality through tattoos, however where they get these tattoos inked on their bodies for the rest of their lives, explains the bigger picture i.e. things that can not be seen through the naked eye at first glance. Some people believe that tattoos define a person’s inner self – his nature, while others believe that a tattoo can sometimes define a person’s mindset. A mindset can be shaped into different perspectives over time whereas human nature stays somewhat the same over a complete lifespan.

Getting tattoos on a particular area of your body can mean different things. If you want to add more meaning to the tattoo you have been wanting to get, you should definitely consider where to get it:

1. The Chest & the Ribcage

Getting a tattoo over the chest symbolizes confidence in love. Especially when it comes to women, a chest tattoo indicates romanticism and many lovers who are close to the heart. Tattoos that are drawn over the chest can be the core meaning of your life’s story as the chest connects with other parts of your body such as the arms, neck, and ribcage. Coming down to ribcages, getting tattoos on ribcage indicates strength and courage. It can be an extremely sensitive area to bear a tattoo on your ribcage. Ribcage tattoos are significantly big enough in order to show.

2. Wrist & Fingers

Wrist tattoos are known to be the most meaningful and sensitive tattoos. People who suffer from pain, depression and suicide attempts usually get tattoos over their wrists. They either try to cover up their scars after overcoming the hard times or they get tattoos on the wrists to show how they wear their hearts on their sleeves with vulnerability and courage. Whereas, fingers have always been a very uncommon part to bear tattoos on. As it is slowly becoming more mainstream, getting tattoos on fingers symbolizes succinctness. Finger tattoos usually are letters or particular small shapes defining something major such as a semicolon.

3. Thighs & Calves

Thigh tattoos fairly indicate secrecy and reticence. Even though they can be long and big considering the space on thighs, people who get them are likely to stay reserved. Thighs are less revealed part of the body which is why they can also get sexual – meant only for people who are close or new lovers trusted and allowed into the inner circle by an individual. Calve tattoos indicate displaying glory and pride. We usually see calve tattoos on athletes.

4. Arms & Forearms

Men and women equally invest in bearing arm tattoos. People with a sleeve full of arm tattoos are confident in their lives and personality overall. Whereas forearms tattoos are not meant to be hidden. People who do not find any anxiousness or regrets in their life stories love to bear tattoos on their forearms defining their stories as it is what it is.

There are a lot of other parts where people can get tattoos, such as feet, ankles, neck, ears, and back depending on what art do they want to display. It is the bearer’s choice to get a tattoo wherever they want and it is an important one. There are endless designs from letters to numbers, faces to symbols and pictures to mere lines that can completely mean a different thing for each individual. If you could get a tattoo, where would you get it?

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