About the Rock Art

Contrary to popular belief, Aboriginal rock art is not simply an ancient art form: it is a practice that has continued to within the past one hundred years. Willie’s grandfather lived on these lands, and may well have contributed to some of the more recent rock paintings.

Behind the art lies the story of the Nugal-warra people. Different caves depict different aspects of Nugal society and Aboriginal culture – family stories, mythical figures, spiritual beliefs and practical information. Both the caves and the art formed part of a rich and complex society which was successful for tens of thousands of years.

Rarely do visitors have the opportunity to hear the stories behind the rock art which bring the pictures alive. But Willie says that the cave paintings were stories put on the walls by his ancestors so they would be handed down from generation to generation, keeping Aboriginal philosophies and lores alive. He passionately believes that these philosophies and lores should be available for everyone – and once you’ve been on one of our Aboriginal tours, or read some of the stories in Willie’s book, we hope that they become your stories, and that you will pass them on too.

To help keep these stories alive, we are happy for you to take as many photographs as you want. But we do ask that any taken are not used for publication without the express written authority of the Nugal-warra clan.